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Elemental Awakening Part 2

When The elder saw me standing there, throwing fire she was very firm, “Childing, it isn’t nice to burn people. She touched my hand and chanting in a somber voice said, “Powers of elements, rise awake, understanding of this child to make. “Somnus victus, enchius deus.  I felt scared as something began glowing from my whole form. She chanted, “Finitae deo! She waved her arms and the glowing vanished. She seemed to float above the grasses. She made a sign in the air and suddenly other beings like me, and not gathered on the grasses, some as tiny as a blade of grass, some as large as several of the strange tall things  some rough and some smooth  but all had large and Green stuff. There was a whirl of sound and all eyes looked tward the Elder.  

Awakening Elemental, Part 1.

The first thing I felt was a warm substance that cradled me. I felt and smelled as y senses awakened. I felt the pressure of the energies around me. I heard a voice. I drifted lazily in the ooze in timeless wonder. New feelings and new experiences filled my mind. When i was sleepy I just drifted. I knew no night or day, just the movement of the ooze. Then I felt a pressure lifting me in one direction up. I resisted feebly but the current took me up, up, up until I lay just beneath the surface of the ooze. I felt the heat of fire, smelled the rich damp earth, felt the air and knew instinctively I was drifting in water of a sort. I drifted just beneath the surface of the water for more time than I could measure in my primitive awakening. I was not afraid, I simply was. Then I felt a surge of pressure and I was gently lifted by the current until my body contacted some springy damp substance. I felt the heat of fire above me and I slept. I awoke to the sounds of other voices around me. Then I opened my eyes and saw the ball of fire in the sky and felt its heat. I saw but understood nothing. The voices sounded loud to my untrained and unfiltered senses and I didn’t realize, but my own voice keened and moaned. One of the voices shushed and comforted. I continued to keen, curling inward into a ball and wanted to go back into the ooze. I strained to move until the bottom of me was in it. I moved some more until I landed completely in it. then I tried to move, to settle deeper into the comforting ooze. Then I felt myself lifted. I balled aloud and cried, feeling my chances thwarted and I was indignant. I felt movement and then I was gently set down. The voice that had shushed me before crooned and sang softly. I calmed and became aware of the surroundings. Several strange creatures sat on this springy substance and the ball of fire was around us. In the distance there were tall thin creatures standing but not moving. The voice spoke to me and touched me and I knew that we sat on grass, the ball of fire was the sun, and the unmoving creatures were trees. I heard the muttering of voices and listened, “In the primordial pool for 12 days, no elemental has ever lived in the pool for that long, not elemental was born to us after 12 days in the pool. “She was pushed out, was the great spirit of the pool angry? “No that couldn’t be, the pool is the all, where we began, it is not angered, it simply is our womb. “What gifts can an elemental have who’s been in there 12 days though? And on and on, and on. I simply slept and awoke to the voices. When I next was aware I felt the fire was gone and my body was carried. Then a sharp voice called, “Here she is, greetings, Elder, Elder, look what came out of the pool! “Set her down you. Called the second voice, “You have all frightened the poor creature. I felt warmth and felt myself cradled lovingly and I cried, “There there, you poor thing, shush my lovely. Said the Elder. She then spoke harshly, “You have caused her spirit to be half in and half out, she cannot be aware of anything because you all decided to bring her here without her awakening to herself! “i would not be surprised if she faded this instant and her elemental essence polluted our world to bring evil and bad luck upon us all. “We usually let them learn for themselves and grow to know, but no, you all decided to halt her development so you could all tell me she’s different and has been in the pool for 12 days! The Elder rocked me and crooned and spoke more gently, “You’ve completely arrested her development, you froze her in a state of awakening, her spirit is not settled. “I must invoke the pool to take her back for awhile or ask it to help her become aware. I must have drifted for again I found myself in the pool and breathed a sigh of gratitude. I drifted there and felt complete there for some time and was once again gently laid on the grasses. The sun was high in the sky again and I lay there unmoving for a few moments.and finally moved. I stood up and felt the world shift to my new view. I took a few halting steps and fell to the grass again. I laughed at this new game and saw the others around me. I wanted no one to come near me. I felt something build and build, like a pressure inside. I released it and saw fire speeding toward the others. They backed away then and I laughed. I heard a voice beside me and I startled, sending more sparks out, “It is not nice to burn people, the grass beneath you doesn’t deserve it either young one. “Your magic is strong and good, but you are still learning sweet one. “Be still and know.

The Yule Faerie

Autumn has come and gone. Autumn has sent the leaves from the trees dancing, falling, fading. Autumn has come and gone, it has sent the good green earth into a very cold slumber. all the green has gone and the green remains. but wait, there is something more something beautiful awaits, and evergreen tree. It’s Evergreen leaves never fading, never wasting. and what within those branches lies, a tiny creature beautiful and flying. His hair peeking through is of burning red, his tunic gold. as he darts between the leaves, one can barely see his wings. Give his branch a friendly Russell and a friendly greeting. Continue reading

Invocations of Morrigan Ii.

She is the maiden of innocence, the fertile young Queen awaiting the spring. She is the mother of comfort, and the gentle and powerful lover of Dagda. She is the light of fertility and the face of the phantom in darkness. She is the weaver of time, and the choices of incarnation. she is the washer at the Ford, and the mysterious mistress of magic. She is the gifted Oracle who sees into the endless well of sight, and the veiled prophetess of doom. She is the great queen of sovereignty, and the warrior who defends at ones side. She is the fertile cow who gives freely of her blessing, and the Raven of death. she is the light of a heated summer, and the shadow of the barren winter. She is the woman who loves, and the goddess who knows the tides of life and the ebbing pull at death. She is the Morrigan.

Invocations of Morrigan

Raven of the storm, raven of death. Goddess of sovereignty, goddess of fertility. Queen of land, queen of magic. shining one and dark phantom. Prophetess, and Oracle. Giver of life, carrier of the dead. Giver of Messages, seeress of the well. Comforter and lover, crown of life.

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I know I put A few posts up about the Morrigan, but she’s one of my favorite goddesses. She is so versatile and very understanding. I have been worshiping her for quite a few years. Many people see her as a dark for boating goddess, and a care death. Which she is, but she also is a great give her a fertility. She’s also seen as the queen of the land, and a Messenger. She is light, and dark. She is good, and foreboding. she is the fandom, and the battle hardened warrior. She is the carrier of one’s soul to her resting place. She give you the choices at the end of your life. She guards the well, and the wheel. She’s a seeress, and a mistress of great and powerful magic. She’s a lover and comforter, a healer and nurturer.

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